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We work with a variety of customers across the United States in various industries. From oil and gas to detention centers and prisons. Our team has gained exclusive clearance to facilities on the county, state, and federal levels working with U.S. Marshalls and officials in Immigration through training and extensive background checks. Our team has also completed comprehensive OSHA and Safeland training for access to oil and gas sites. We have also formed excellent relationships with a list of choice vendors that allow us to supply the best products on the market at exceptional cost to our customers. 

We have worked in locations across the United States including California, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, North and South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio, West Virginia, and Texas. We have completed work in federal, state, and county facilities as well as many residential developments and rural areas. We also specialize in security fencing for oil and gas sites, as well as renewable energy and electrical sites. 

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